Paula Schneider

from Newton, Massachusetts


About Me 

My husband, Herb and I were college professors and social workers in Massachusetts. We didn’t exactly have much extra money to spend so we purchased long-term care insurance as an investment for the future. Shortly after we purchased long-term care insurance, my husband had a stroke. Long-term care insurance gave us financial stability during that time and paid for therapy for Herb. Thanks to long-term care insurance, Herb could return to his life in some capacity and live at home with me until the end of his life. I was recently diagnosed with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Long-term care insurance gives me the care that I need. I was able to choose home care which lets me live in the comfort and security of my own home.


Paula Schneider — My Video


My name is Paula Schneider


And this is My Story 


I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and then I worked in a marvelous program for integrating the schools in North Carolina.


This is My Choice 


About 10 years ago my husband suffered a stroke and thank goodness the long-term care insurance kicked in, for lack of a better expression.


It felt as if we were still a family and there wasn’t a coterie of health care professionals and semi-professionals with us all the time. I even, I did, I took him up to our house in New Hampshire.


This is My Advice 


Go tomorrow!


Cause you know, you don’t know from one minute to the other.