Steve Kahn

from Davis, California 


About Me 

I live in Davis, California with my wife. Now I’m retired, but I worked for the California Parks and Recreation Department for 31 years. I enjoy running, biking and reading. My wife and I do not have any children. I found out about long-term care insurance when I worked for the CA Parks and Recreation Department. They offered us the chance to buy long-term care insurance as part of a group plan. I decided to purchase it for my wife and me because I thought we might need it in the future. I knew that I had some health risks and I didn’t want a catastrophic illness to destroy our financial base.


When my wife and I decided to purchase long-term care insurance, we had my mom purchase it too. While it was more expensive for her than for us, because she was much older, we and other family members thought it would be for the best. My mom broke her hip and also suffered a stroke. Both times, long-term care insurance kicked in. The Long-Term Care Group was with us all the way. I took care of my mother for about ten years. My mom had both around-the-clock care and home care. She was able to make the choice to receive care at home and I think it contributed to a better quality of life for her.


I would say that there are several issues to consider when buying long-term care insurance. People should thoroughly research the issue and listen to all sides of the story. This is a huge investment in the future. If people are willing study the stock market, they should be willing to study the realities of aging.


Once someone makes the decision to buy long-term care insurance, they should comparison shop. Financial planning falls deeply into buying long-term care insurance. Buyers should think about what they can afford now and what they will be able to afford in the future.


Health care costs are not going down and people should have a good financial plan to manage these costs.


Steve Kahn — My Video


My name is Steve Kahn


And this is My Story 


I’m from New York, but when I was young we moved out to Sonoma, California. Became a ranger and then was moved around in the state of California State Park system and wound up in Sacramento. I live here with my wife.


We convinced Mom to purchase long-term care after we had done so. She fell, broke her hip and subsequently suffered a stroke during the operation. Mom deteriorated over time and long-term care became more and more a necessity in her life. And they helped her stay in her house her entire life except for the last six months. And because of that she led a full and very comfortable life.


This is My Choice 


It was very important that we ensure our future in regard to our care. Our medical insurance certainly was not going to cover nursing homes or something like that should we get any debilitating illnesses.


At that time, the price of long-term care was very reasonable and we thought it was a very good investment.


And so I asked my wife and we discussed it, and we decided to purchase long-term care.


This is My Advice 


But as you get older the chances of something occurring are much greater. And as that happens, it’d be good to buy, I think, long-term care if you have the resources to do so. But you do it prudently so you can plan for time just as you’re planning the rest of your life.